fTC Manager

Partnering with Teletrac Navman

Fuel Tax Advisers develops and administers FTC Manager in partnership with Australia’s leading GPS provider, Teletrac Navman, which services more than 130,000 vehicles across Australia.  

As the first GPS-based FTC system to receive a Product Ruling and Class Ruling from the ATO, FTC Manager enables you to calculate your claim entitlement and reduce paperwork and administration time with full transparency.

What is FTC Manager?

FTC Manager is an online fuel tax credits solution that uses real-time high-definition second-by-second GPS location data from telematics installed in vehicles to calculate on-road travel and auxiliary fuel usage to maximise your fuel tax credit claims. 

When compared to standard accounting methods for making FTC claims, FTC Manager frequently achieves significantly higher returns, even for business that have already had claims advice and audits by recognised tax experts.  

Not only does FTC Manager put more money back into your business, it eliminates the administrative pain and hassle you normally have to endure every month.

Why FTC Manager?

Save Money

Maximise FTC claims with detailed off-road and auxiliary equipment fuel use reporting.

Reduce Tax Risk

With approved ATO Product and Class Rulings, full transparency and auditability of claims.

Save Time

With streamlined claim preparation, automated claims calcualtions and easy to use online reporting

Integrated GPS / Tax services

The partnership between Teletrac Navman and Fuel Tax Advisers makes FTC Manager a one stop shop for all your FTC needs.

Product Levels

FTC Data

Use FTC Manager data to calculate your own entitlement

Suits businesses that only require raw data to calculate FTC entitlement using their own methodology and do not require advice from Fuel Tax Advisers.

FTC Self Claim

Use FTC Manager to calculate your FTC entitlement for you

Suits businesses that wish to use the FTC Manager system to automatically maximise their FTC claims with advice from Fuel Tax Advisers. 

Full Compliance

Outsource the entire FTC claim process to Fuel Tax Advisers

Don’t have the time?  Let us do it all for you.

"We know we're claiming exactly what we should be rather than relying on an estimation - not a cent less, and not a cent more”
Alan Every
Group Systems and Process Manager at McGregor Gourlay
"Managing fuel tax is an integral part of our business, so it only made sense to implement a solution that makes it so much easier”
James Williamson
Operations Manager at Porthaul
"There was a big use of spreadsheeting in the business... a lot of manual involvement in doing paperwork and filing. Now, it's all housed in the system"
Peter Jorgensen
Managing Director, Spiral Logistics

Questions And Answers

FTC Manager automatically tracks and apportions off-road and auxiliary fuel usage with highly accurate location-based technology and detailed off-road mapping. This ultimately means that you are able to make ongoing claims with maximum FTC entitlement at the highest rebate rate. 

When compared to standard accounting methods for making FTC claims, FTC Manager frequently achieves significantly higher returns, even for business that have already had claims advice and audits by recognized tax experts.  

FTC Manager enables you to upload fuel transaction data and automatically calculate your claim entitlement, reduce paperwork and administration time with full transparency and the assurance of ATO Class Ruling processes. 

Yes. FTC Manager is designed to work exclusively with Teletrac Navman hardware capable of producing second-by-second HD data and hardwired into your vehicles.  Added to this – you also gain full GPS fleet management and telematics with Teletrac Navman’s fleet management solutions.

Once GPS hardware is installed, Teletrac Navman starts recording sample data in FTC Manager. Fuel Tax Advisers then contacts the customer with a request for information, including fleet details, copies of past FTC claim calculation worksheets, fuel acquisition records and general information about the business.  

Once we have collected a fair and reasonable sample of GPS data, your refund entitlement is calculated and a formal letter of advice is provided instructing you to claim a refund amount in your Business Activity Statement (BAS).

Fuel Tax Advisers acts on your behalf in dealing with the ATO as part of the retrospective review service.

As long as you are registered for GST, you can register for FTC and claim refunds back to the date of your GST registration up to a maximum of 4 years.

No. FTC Manager calculates your FTC entitlement, but you (or your Accountant) are still responsible for making the FTC claims on your Business Activity Statement.

FTC Manager is the first GPS-based FTC claiming system to be awarded an ATO Product Ruling (PR 2023/4) and also has an ATO Class Ruling (CR 2023/20) to support all service levels.

The portion of fuel used in vehicles off public roads is entitled to the full rate of FTC.  A ‘public road’ is any road which is generally accessible by members of the public as of right.  

FTC Manager uses a dual-layered, customisable mapping system to automatically calculate your off-road travel and idle percentages.

Yes, but only for the portion of fuel used off public roads. For FTC purposes, light vehicles are vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 4.5 tonnes or less.

No. On 22 February 2019, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal decided that toll roads are “public roads” for the purposes of the Fuel Tax Act. 

No.  On 22 February 2019, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal decided that these uses of fuel are incidental to the vehicle’s travel. 

No. Ad Blue is a fuel additive, it is not an excisable product and therefore not entitled to FTC.