Reduce your fuel costs

Our team of experienced advisers has deep specialist knowledge in the fields of excise and fuel tax credits to help you maximise your returns and minimise your net fuel costs.

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Maximising returns

With almost 20 years’ experience advising customers across Australia, our team has a proven track record in helping our customers recover every dollar to which they are entitled. 

Fuel Tax Credits

All businesses that use fuel in their operations are entitled to recover some or all of the excise paid on their fuel in the form of Fuel Tax Credits (FTC). 

Our team of Fuel Tax specialists has experience in maximising FTC claims and minimising net fuel costs for hundreds of clients across a broad range of industries throughout Australia using a range of ATO-approved apportionment methodologies to measure your fuel usage both on and off the public road network.

Road Transportation

Mining, Oil & Gas

Agricultural Transportation

Government Departments

Construction and Earthmoving

Specialised Fleets

Forestry Transportation

Bulk and Heavy Haulage

Bus Operators

Light Vehicles Off Public Roads


Road Transport

Prime movers and rigid trucks used on federal, state and local road networks.

Mining, Oil & Gas

Mining equipment, machinery and vehicles used on mine sites and mine access roads.

Agricultural Transport

Farming machinery and equipment and vehicles used off public roads on agricultural properties.


We specialise in servicing Federal, State and Local Government Departments operating mixed vehicle and machinery fleets of all sizes.

Construction and Earthmoving

Construction machinery and equipment and vehicles used off public roads on construction sites.

Specialised Fleets

We apportion fuel usage to operation of auxiliary equipment to maximise FTC claims for specialist vehicle fleets including concrete trucks, mobile cranes, asphalt trucks, and vacuum excavation trucks.

Over the last few years there has been a significant increase in the use of technology to assist taxpayers to maximise Fuel Tax Credit claims and a corresponding increase in ATO audit activity. 

With our strong understanding of fuel tax law, relationships with the ATO and Government and industry bodies, and our demonstrated experience advising some of Australia’s largest fuel users, you can rest assured that you will remain compliant with all applicable fuel tax rules.

Ensuring Compliance

FTC Manager

Fuel Tax Advisers partners with Teletrac Navman to administer the FTC Manager system, a revolutionary fuel tax credit solution that uses real-time high-definition second-by-second GPS location data from telematics installed in vehicles and equipment to calculate “off-road” and auxiliary fuel use to maximise your fuel tax credit claims.